Digital Payments for the Offline World

Introducing Boom Cash

Every person deserves to have digital purchasing power. We've enhanced the best offline communications technology by infusing cryptocurrency super powers.

Boom Cash is an SMS based wallet that allows you to send and receive money digitally -- without an Internet connection.

Powered by the blockchain technology, Boom Cash sends and receives in bitcoins, and keeps your money in Philippine Pesos so you enjoy all the benefits of the blockchain technology without the risks and complications.


To get started, just text REGISTER to 2929-0282 using your Globe, Smart or Sun cellphone to get an account for free. We currently only support the Philippines.

REGISTER to 2929-0282

Load up

Get your Boom Cash Address by texting DEPOSIT BTC to 2929-0282. Your Boom Cash Address is a standard bitcoin address that's compatible with all bitcoin wallets available.

DEPOSIT BTC to 2929-0282

Send Away

Send money to anyone through their mobile number or bitcoin address. They don't even have to have a Boom Cash account! Just send the following SMS:

SEND <amount> <number/address> [message]
to 2929-0282
SEND 100 639177920696 Pamasahe mo.
SEND 200 1sciEdazWHNwmpE2ENjutbJgbLaYMw9uj

Built by SCI

The latest project to graduate out of SCI's labs, Boom Cash is the result of the team's expertise in cryptocurrency technology and wallet systems, and on-the-ground presence in developing countries. Boom Cash is SCI's solution to ushering in digital payments into the offline world.

Boom Cash is alpha software, and is intended to become part of a bigger SCI ecosystem. Your funds are safely secured in the SCI treasury, together with all the funds within the SCI suite of products.

For comments, suggetions or for more information, please feel free to drop us a line.